In 2013, I began a journey to discover the plan for my life. God led me to Europe for 8 months of exploring Him and the people He created. In the crazy turn of events that followed, I ended up in northern British Columbia serving as a cabin leader at a First Nations youth camp. It was a summer of blood, sweat, and tears for sure; It was nuts! God revealed the need for me to engage Native youth and offer them the hope that I have through Him. Since that summer, I have returned to that camp every year and credit it for where I am today. I then moved to a Hogan (traditional Navajo house) in Chi-Chil-Tah, New Mexico in the Navajo Nation. Without phone service, running water, and limited electricity, life in the Hogan was simple. Assisting my older brother, I helped run the youth group that saw roughly 20 Navajo youth on Wednesday and the church of 15 on Sunday. Life was simple, winter was cold, and the experience was unforgettable. I have since moved on from Chi-Chil-Tah and in August of 2016 convinced my sister to move with me to Eastern Arizona alongside an Apache community and start the journey we are on now.

Fun Facts: I drive a 1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia named Alice, am a Die-hard Philadelphia Eagles supporter, have a lab-mix named Jedediah and am a big fan of the outdoors.

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