25 Random Facts About Us

25 Random Facts About Us

  1. We owned about 100 pigeons at one time. Homing pigeons, roller pigeons, fancy pigeons, ET-looking pigeons, etc. etc. etc.
  2. Danielle has bad luck with dogs. They seem to emulate her personality- food aggression, lazy introvertedness, snappyness, and loyalty to a fault.
  3. Josh has a VW Westfalia van named Alice.
  4. We are quite the Star Trek nerds (insert Vulcan hand emoji). And, yes, Josh’s van name comes from an episode of Star Trek Voyager, and yes, that’s our favorite series.
  5. Myers Briggs breakdown: Josh is an INTP and Danielle is an INTJ.
  6. We are from the Midwest. Danielle was born in Salina, KS, and Josh popped out in Omaha, NE.
  7. Josh is colorblind. Actually, all the male siblings are.
  8. Josh lived in Europe (mainly Germany) for eight months.
  9. Danielle has a B.S. in Health Sciences Healthy Lifestyles Coaching and a certificate in nutritional therapy.
  10. Josh’s dream is to create his own spruce essential oil with a still.
  11. We both have an unhealthy addiction to Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.
  12. Our favorite drug of choice is sour cream with hot sauce, green chilies, and chips. Our intestines hate us.
  13.  Our parents joined the mission field when we were very young, but we grew up in Tucson, AZ.
  14. For fun Josh used to dig bunkers in the hard AZ dirt with his brothers.
  15. Josh’s football team is the Philadelphia Eagles. Danielle’s is the Seattle Seahawks.
  16. We prefer rivers and streams to oceans.
  17. Josh has a furry son named Jed. He’s some sort of Lab/Pointer/Visla mix. Danielle owns a 100% authentic Hyena-looking chow mutt named Tandy Farts.
  18. Danielle hates brushing her hair. Dreads are a dream, but her friends won’t allow it.
  19. Sarcasm with quotes from The Office is how we communicate. We’ve been told that we should “tone it down a bit.”
  20. For three years our family travelled all over the country in various types of vans to raise financial support to be in full-time ministry. We attribute that to our family’s closeness.
  21. Josh’s favorite Bible chapter is Job 38. Danielle loves Isaiah 61.
  22. One of Josh’s favorite memories is living in a hogan on the Navajo reservation.
  23. Josh’s top three movies are Last of the Mohicans, Legends of the Fall, and Dances with Wolves. Danielle’s favorites are The Lord of the Rings, Cold Mountain, and Beauty and the Beast, and Legends of the Fall.
  24. Danielle’s favorite books are The Lord of the Rings and the Fionavar Tapestries. Josh’s favorite book is White Fang.
  25. Danielle hates flying due to an almost plane crash experience.