Pickles and Kool-Aid (noun)

  1. dill pickle topped with Kool-Aid powder.
  2. the dopest snack on the Rez.

Hey, wanna go to H Market and get some pickles and Kool-Aid? It’ll make your face hurt!

popular variations: Piccadilly, Cold Charlie, Face Cramp

Once upon a time…

A brother and a sister got off their butts and mini-van-lifed it up to Beautiful British Columbia. After two summers serving at a Native youth camp, they came to rest in the White Mountains of Arizona. Joining the Apache Youth Ministries team in August of 2016, they now serve among the White Mountain Apache Tribe as they seek to proclaim the Truth, offer Hope, and live a life in Jesus Christ…

So, we want to give you a look into our lives with the intent on sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of our ministry. Praying that it’s all good, but life is a valley. Maybe you’re considering doing something similar. Learn from us. Or, you want to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals standing up for truth in a wishy-washy time. Join us.


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